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I'm searching for a job in the front range area that will give me at least some of the following:

  • Opportunities to solve problems in creative ways
  • Enough money to satisfy my landlord and occasionally buy food
  • Delightful and surprising coworkers
  • The ability to contribute to sustainability, social justice, or environmental research
  • A chance to spend time outside
  • Work that helps make my corner of the world a better place
  • A job title that will make my grandma happy
  • Keys to the company jet ski

Examples of jobs I'd love include (but are not limited to): software developer, architect, research assistant, GIS specialist, carpenter, rocket scientist, trail-builder, lighthouse keeper, grad student, tugboat captain, retired CIA director, mountain bike designer, botanist, and benevolent dictator. 

Achievements & Skills

  • Built a cabin in the Alaskan bush from bare dirt to finished windows in under a month.
  • Perfected my packing skills over the years... I've lived 21+ places.
  • Maintain the world's most exhaustive spreadsheet of mountain bikes for very tall people.
  • Never been in a McDonalds. 
  • Routinely create beautiful but unprofitable landscape photographs.
  • Spent several months living in a tent as a kid.
  • Spontaneously took the standardized test for grad-schools and scored in the 99th percentile, but can't remember if it's called the GED or GRE. 
  • Withdrew 5000 Serbian Dinar from an ATM before checking the exchange rate.
  • Narrowly avoided a catastrophic kayak capsize on an unexpectedly iceberg-filled fjord crossing.

Education & Work

  • Software Developer, Talari Networks, Oct 2016 to Aug 2017
  • Firmware Developer, Seagate Technology, Jan 2013 to Aug 2016
  • BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Computer Science minor, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Wilderness First Aid certified, NOLS
  • Helped my girlfriend with her dissertation enough to be familiar with R and SPSS.

But don't take my word for it!

"You have a creative personality with a tech savviness and hands-on skills. These things together allow you to take crazy ideas and turn them into realizable things." - my friend

"You are a bridge--able to translate between tech and humanity. You are a good teacher, able to tailor your message to your audience. You are a synthesizer--pulling in information from many sources and making connections. One of those people who can add thoughtful insights into any conversation because you were just thinking/reading about that." - my mom

"     " - my girlfriend's mom

"Oh god, did you really ask her for a quote?" - my girlfriend

Send me an email and let's talk! 

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